Symptoms of Diabetes: Pre-diabetes in men and women

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India is called the diabetes capital. This disease is known by many names like – sugar diabetes, sugar disease, sweet urine etc. 

In this article we will discuss about all the symptoms and signs of the disease and how it can affect you!

Don’t Worry!

After reading this article you will be able to find useful info about your blood glucose conditions.

diabetes symptoms infographic
Main symptoms of diabetes info-graphic

Due to poor diet and lack of physical exertion, the number of diabetic patients has increased in every country of the world in the last decade.

Its impact has been maximum in India. Irregularity in lifestyle is the biggest cause of diabetes. 

Ten years ago the average age of diabetes in India was 40 years, Which has now come down to 25 to 30 years. After 15 years, a large number of people have started having diabetes.

Having this disease at an early age simply means that by the age of 40, many side effects of the disease have to be faced. Diabetes or blood sugar is a disease in which the patient does not see the symptoms of sugar in the beginning.

But the increasing level of glucose in the blood also damages the internal organs of the body and heart and kidney, so it is also called “slow death and silent killer”. it is said. It is a long-lasting disease, it becomes a disease for almost a lifetime, its patients usually live with this disease for 30-40 years.

If the patient keeps his blood glucose level under control and takes full care, then the disease does not spoil him. 

By the way,

For diabetics, regular diet manages the disease to a great extent, but exercise, stress management, With complete knowledge of yoga and disease, the diagnosis of the disease becomes even easier. 

If full attention is paid to these things related to this disease, then the patient does not even have to take medicines. We have tried to provide all possible information regarding this subject to you and will continue to do so.

 Symptoms and diagnosis of Diabetes

The strangest thing about this disease is that many times diabetes occurs, but its symptoms are not visible. Symptoms of diabetes appear after causing a lot of damage to the body inside. Nevertheless, in this article, we have tried to tell all those symptoms of diabetes which are often the victims of this disease, if a person has any of the symptoms listed below for a long time, then he should be tested for diabetes. Must be done.

  1. In the symptom of diabetes, frequent urination is also a sign of being a patient. The patient wakes up to urinate 2 to 4 times in the night.
  2. Feeling like drinking water again and again. Throat, dry lips soon after drinking water. Then there is the desire to drink water.
  3. Hunger more than a normal person. Hunger is such that it becomes difficult to bear it.
  4. Take a full meal and eat only when you feel hungry. Yet the body weight decreases and weakness remains, this is also included in the symptoms of diabetes.
  5. The wound of a person who is suffering from diabetes does not heal easily. It takes longer for a wound to heal than a healthy person. There is an injury or a shoe has bitten and the wound does not heal easily.
  6. Such a person starts feeling weak day by day.
  7. There is often pain in the gums.
  8. Pain persists in the calves of the feet and the legs feel lifeless.
  9. The person whose eyesight starts to weaken rapidly and there is a twilight in front of the eyes, he may also have a possibility of diabetes.
  10. Feeling the need to change the number of glasses frequently due to weakness of the eyes.
  11. If someone’s blood pressure is high and there is pain in the chest, then he should also get checked.
  12. If any part of the body feels more itchy, then it is also included in the symptoms of diabetes.
  13. Sudden increase or decrease in weight.
  14. Skin or skin infection, Dryness of skin, Red rash.
  15. Itching on the inside of the body (genitals), thighs, and the site of urination.
  16. Recurrent miscarriages in women are also included in the symptoms of diabetes.
  17. Stinging, prickling in hands and feet.
  18. Having boils
  19. Apart from all these signs, being mentally tired, dizziness, irritable nature, lack of desire to do some work and excessive anger can also be symptoms of diabetes.
  20. East Infection-East infection can also occur in young girls. Even babies who wear diapers can get sores from the EST.
  21. Generally, the symptoms of diabetes are not visible, but if there is an accident, a blood test is done, then this disease is detected. In any type of medical examination, diabetes is confirmed when the level of glucose in the blood is revealed to be much higher than normal.

After all, what is diabetes?

Diabetes is a completely lifestyle related disease. According to pathological medical science, the normal amount of glucose that comes out from our food is 100 ml. 

70 to 120 mg in the blood The main role of insulin is the endocrine secretion by the pancreatic gland (called the pancreas) in maintaining the level. 

This special gland is located in the left part of the abdomen. Whatever food we take and after the digestion of that food, as soon as the level of glucose in the blood starts rising, then in response, the secretion of insulin from the pancreas starts increasing. 

Under the influence of insulin, glucose is digested and converted into energy in the body. If excess glucose is found in the blood, the liver stores it as glycogen.

This glycogen comes in handy when there is a large gap between two meals, due to fasting or exertion, the level of glucose in the blood starts decreasing, 

This accumulated glycogen is then converted back into glucose to maintain its normal level in the blood.

 Due to lack of digestion of glucose in the body, the body also starts rotting. The stored protein fat stores in the body are also converted into glucose and passed out through the urinary tract. 

Due to this, the body deteriorates day by day and many diseases (such as nervous disorders, infections, heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, sexual problems and eye diseases etc.) start occurring in the body.

To understand diabetes in easy language, you should understand it like this – Insulin is produced naturally in the body to digest sugar, but in a patient suffering from diabetes, insulin is either released very little or it stops coming out completely, due to which Sugar starts accumulating all over the body and starts spoiling all the organs one by one.

Here sugar does not mean only sugar, sugar is already present in almost all food and drink, it is naturally present in more or less quantity in almost all fruits, vegetables, non-veg. You cant avoid using them.

Can’t avoid consumption, because you can’t skip meals, can you?

If you see a few symptoms of diabetes, do regular body check-ups and contact Your doctor if you find any of the following signs

  1. Changes in skin colour, brightness, or thickness.
  2. Early signs of germ-infection such as redness, swelling, boils, or skin warm to touch.
  3. Itching in the vagina or anus, under the armpits or breasts, and between the fingers, which may indicate a possible fungal infection.

Such a person is at higher risk of developing diabetes if:

  1. He hails from a family in which other people have had diabetes.
  2. His weight is more than normal.
  3. He is over 40 years old.
  4. One who does not work hard, that is, a person who lives a life seeking comfort.
  5. had diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) or the baby was 9 pounds or 4 kg or more at birth.
Testing blood sugar for pre diabetec

Pre-diabetes symptoms

This is called a condition when the level of sugar in the blood is higher than normal, but not so high that it can be called diabetes.

 If a person has pre-diabetes, that person is more likely to develop non-insulin dependent diabetes and other serious related problems, such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage. 

The symptoms of this diabetes develop slowly and are not as obvious as the symptoms of early diabetes. 

Many people do not show any symptoms. In most people, the disease is diagnosed only by testing the blood glucose. This disease is more common in people who have a family history of diabetes or who are above 40 years of age, who are overweight.

  1. Feeling tired.
  2. Frequent urination.
  3. Being constantly thirsty.
  4. Unclear vision.
  5. Excessive sweating.
  6. Itching of the skin or genitals.
  7. It takes too long for the wound to heal.
  8. Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet is also a symptom of pre-diabetes.
  9. In type 1 diabetes, there is frequent urination and frequent thirst. 
  10. Hunger is also felt more, yet the weight keeps on decreasing. The body becomes weak. Along with this, many unexplained symptoms can also be seen, such as, feeling tired all the time, feeling annoyed at talking contrary to nature, numbness of the limbs, numbness in hands and feet, shin splints Pain, frequent boils, frequent infections of the skin, genital and urinary system, loss of vision and sleeplessness. It is a good idea to get your blood sugar checked when you see the symptoms of pre-Diabetes.
  11. TB for the first time after reaching middle age. Even if you do, it is important to get checked for diabetes. This can be a symptom of hidden diabetes. 
  12. In most cases of type 2 diabetes, the disease is detected late. The disease has started from within, but the symptoms of diabetes do not appear. It is detected suddenly, on blood or urine test. In some people, the disease goes unrecognized for many years and due to this large parts of the body like heart, kidney, eyes become sick, then only diabetes is detected.

How to get tested for diabetes after symptoms appear

  1. If you are conscious about your health, then after crossing the age of 30, you must get your medical examination done every year by the rule. This screening is especially necessary in certain situations.
  2. Having diabetes in other family members, such as parents, siblings, obesity, increased blood sugar during pregnancy. 
  3. High blood pressure or high cholesterol. Or get tested if you see the symptoms of diabetes mentioned above.
  4. The most reliable way to diagnose diabetes is by checking blood sugar. It has many methods. By any method, if the blood sugar in the fasting state (fasting or empty stomach) is more than 126 mg/dl and two hours after the meal or 75 grams of glucose (post-predial or PP) blood sugar is more than 200 mg/dl, Diabetes is confirmed. | Diabetes is suspected even if the blood sugar is checked at any time without preparation and the blood sugar is more than 200 mg/dl. In this case, blood sugar is checked on an empty stomach (fasting) and two hours after taking 75 grams of glucose. This test is the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).
  5. Eat, drink and work like the rest of the day before getting tested for diabetes. Do not be in the trap of abstaining before the test.
  6. Although the symptoms of diabetes in men and women are almost the same, yet there are some such symptoms which are visible 

After the diagnosis of diabetes, when it is confirmed, then most of the patients come in shock which is also natural, but conquering this disease is not such a difficult task, you have to follow only three things, right food, on time Precise information to take medicine, a little exercise and control diabetes disease. 

We can help you only on the issue of information, so we have tried our best to give accurate information on the diet of diabetic patients, exercise, yoga, food and many more. 

In this disease, the patient is his own doctor, hardly 30 percent of the treatment is in the hands of your doctor, you have to do the remaining 70 percent of the treatment on your own.

If you found some valuable information feel free to share with your friends and family!

Consult with your doctor is very impotent, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if you find any symptoms.

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