Laser Hair Removal And Diabetes

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What is laser hair removal? Is laser hair removal safe for diabetics? Laser har removal is a process of removing hair using laser light beams. A highly concentrated light into hair follicles, and it cases the hair remove. Diabetics can feel more pain with laser hair removal process due to sensitive nerves and tissues and are usually more susceptible to infections due to the slower healing response.

Therefore it is recomanded to conult with your doctor first. In Most of the cases if your diabetes is in contorl, then your doctor will most likely to allow laser hair removal.

laser hair removal And Diabetes

Is laser hair removal safe for diabetes?

If you are a insulin dependent diabetec patient, it is better to not go for a s laser hair removal. These people with diabetes are more sansitive susceptible to infection. They can’t risk a potential reaction in laser hair remova Servicel.

Diabetes and lasser hair removal, Is It Possible?

As we mentioned above it can be done if your blood sugar is totally controlled but need to consult with your doctor first.

Best Hair removal options for diabetics

When it involves hair removal for diabetics, things get slightly more complicated. this is often mainly because diabetics have more sensitive skin and are usually susceptible to injury and infection, which is why they have to be more cautious with the hair removal method they choose.

Below is a few useful information about the varied hair removal options that are available for diabetics, so start taking notes!

Laser Hair Removal And Diabetes

Laser hair removal is not any doubt one among the foremost favoured hair removal procedures available out there, but there are some important side effects diabetics should know before proceeding with the treatment.

Hair epilators for diabetics

For instance ,

Diabetics can feel more pain with laser hair removal thanks to sensitive nerves and tissues and are usually more vulnerable to infections thanks to the slower healing response.

What is Hair epilators for diabetics

As hair epilation involves the removal of the whole root, the empty swollen follicle could also be more vulnerable to infection. Sanitising epilator heads and tweezers by lotion before usage will help to scale back the likelihood of an infection spreading.

It might even be a wise idea to speak to your dermatologist to seek out out more about where your hair epilation or plucking are often executed.

Can you Hair removal creams for diabetics?

Some findings have shown that the skin of diabetics could also be too sensitive for the tough chemicals of depilatory creams. If this is often your preferred method of hair removal, it might be advisable to consult a trained physician before experimenting with different products and methods.


Laser Hair Removal And Diabetes is a matter of how your diabetes is in control. It is always recomanded to visit your doctor befor going to laser hair removasl as an diabetec patient.


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