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Can diabetes be cured?


Is it possible to cure diabetes?

With all the research on diabetes and advances in diabetes treatments, it’s tempting to think someone has surely found a diabetes cure by now. But the truth is that there’s no cure for diabetes — neither type 1 diabetes nor type 2 diabetes.

However, there are treatments, including simple belongings you can do daily, that make an enormous difference.

Is there a natural therapy which will cure diabetes?

No. Natural therapies like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and biofeedback can help relieve stress. And emotional stress affects your blood glucose levels. So learning to relax is vital in managing your diabetes.

Supplements don’t cure diabetes, either. Some natural supplements may interact dangerously together with your diabetes medication. Others are shown to assist improve your diabetes, but always ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

Be skeptical about claims of a diabetes cure. a real cure will are tested repeatedly in clinical trials with clear success.

What lifestyle changes can help me manage my diabetes?

Even though there is no diabetes cure, diabetes are often treated and controlled, and a few people may enter remission. To manage diabetes effectively, you would like to try to to the following:

Manage your blood glucose levels. Know what to try to to to assist keep them as almost normal as possible every day: Check your glucose levels frequently. Take your diabetes medicine regularly. And balance your food intake with medication, exercise, stress management, and good sleep habits.

Plan what you erode each meal. stick with your diabetes eating plan as often as possible.

Bring healthy snacks with you. You’ll be less likely to snack on empty calories.

Exercise regularly. Exercise helps you retain you fit, burns calories, and helps normalize your blood sugar levels.

Keep up together with your medical appointments. that has your doctor, diabetes educator, ophthalmologist, dentist, podiatrist, and other health care professionals.

Are stem cells a possible cure for diabetes?

They hold promise, but they are not a treatment now.

Stem cells are cells which will become other sorts of cells. Scientists have had some success with stem cells in type 1 diabetes.

What about islet cell transplantation as a cure for diabetes?

A successful islet cell transplant can improve the standard of life for an individual with diabetes. It’s an evolving technology that’s still being researched.

Islet cells sense blood glucose levels and make insulin. The cells come from a donor.
Once transplanted successfully, the donor cells begin to form and release insulin in response to blood glucose levels. This procedure can provide more flexibility with meal planning and help protect against serious long-term diabetes complications like heart condition , stroke, renal disorder , and nerve and eye damage.

The person receiving the transplant must take medicine for the remainder of their life to stop their body from rejecting the donor’s cells.

How about pancreas transplantation?

Getting a transplanted pancreas may be a possibility for a few people with type 1 diabetes. it’s always wiped out those that even have end-stage kidney (renal) disease.

A pancreatic transplant would help restore blood glucose control. Like anyone else who gets a transplant, the patient would wish to require medicine for the remainder of their life to assist their body accept their new pancreas




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